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Some Frequently Asked Questions


I need to contact an on-duty police officer, but I get a voice mail when I call the station number (440-247-0155), what should I do?
If you leave a message on the  voice mail, the O.I.C. (officer-in-charge) of the shift will hear the message within a short time and return your call.  If you need to contact an officer but not a 911 emergency, the O.I.C. will have the Duty Cell Phone (440) 479-8715 or call Chagrin Falls Dispatch at 440-247-7321. The dispatcher will contact the duty O.I.C. and relay your message.

Where can I get fingerprinted?
You can call 440-247-0155 during normal business hours and ask to make an appointment to have your fingerprints taken. Fingerprinting is done at the Bentleyville Police Department by appointment only. You must be a Bentleyville resident or be employed by the Village of Bentleyville.

Is there a fee for fingerprinting?

I received a traffic ticket. How can I find out how much the fine is?
You can call the Bentleyville Police Department and they will tell you the amount of the fine. Fines vary depending upon the offense committed. The phone number is (440) 247-0155.

Where do I pay a traffic ticket?
At the Bentleyville Police Department at 6253 Chagrin River Road, Bentleyville, OH 44022.

I need to contact the Small Claims Court, where do I call?
Small Claims Court is located at the Bedford Municipal Court, which is located at 165 Center Road, Bedford, OH 44146. You can phone them at (440) 232-3420.

What time is curfew?
Children under the age of twelve years should not be on the streets or sidewalks during the period from darkness to dawn. Children between the ages of twelve years and sixteen years should not be on the streets or sidewalks between the hours of 11:00 pm and 6:00 am. Children between the ages of sixteen years and eighteen years should not be on the streets or sidewalks between the hours of 12:00 midnight and 6:00 am unless accompanied by a parent, guardian or some responsible person over the age of twenty-one years old.

I'm having a party and I need to hire an off-duty police officer to assist with traffic control, whom do I call?
You can call the Bentleyville Police Department at 440-247-0155 and ask for Chief Gabe Barone.  If he is not available, you will be transferred to his voice mail, please leave a detailed message and your phone number and the Chief will return your call.

How do I go about obtaining a copy of a police report?
Call the Police Department during the hours listed above and ask if the report is complete. If it is, you can either stop at the Police Station to pick it up or mail a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the Bentleyville Police Department, Attention Records Department at 6253 Chagrin River Road, Bentleyville, OH 44022 and we will mail you a copy.

Is there a fee to obtain a copy of a report?
Yes, it is 5 cents per page.

How do I request a copy of photos taken from an accident report?
Call the Records Department at 440-247-0155. Give the Police Administrative Assistant the report number of the accident/incident and ask if any photos were taken. If photos were taken, you may request a copy of the photos. Copies of photographs are $6.00 per photograph.  Copies of photographs will be made and the assistant will contact you when ready for pick up.

In case of a general power outage at your residence, what should I do?

DO NOT call the Village Hall, Police Department, 911  or the Chagrin Dispatch. The Village does not have any control over the time frame or the areas to be repaired first.

The Illuminating Company has an automated 888 number to call that will register the location you are calling from and will report your area as in need of repair. They will even give you an estimate of the time of repair.

Please keep this number by your phone for easy access 1-888-544-4877.

If there are downed wires, damaged pole or transformer arcing wires, call 247-7321 and give the location to the police dispatcher. Stay away from the area, police or fire department personnel will respond.




Residents should be aware that if you own one of the above vehicles, you must ride them on your property, only. The only exception is if another property owner gives you permission to ride on their property. Vehicles are prohibited on land owned by the Metro Parks. Vehicles are not to be driven on public land or the right of ways. Violators will be cited and their vehicles impounded.

Although we live in one of the safest communities in the Chagrin Valley residents must still be on their guard and keep all doors locked. This should include vehicles and garage doors.

During the winter season, please place your containers behind your mailbox. This will make it easier and safer for our snowplow drivers.


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